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 Doug related information and tips

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Doug related information and tips Empty
PostSubject: Doug related information and tips   Doug related information and tips Icon_minitimeSat Jun 06, 2009 12:55 pm

There are a few things you will probably find useful when it comes to looking for Doug. Doug operates in much the same was as the Vacation parties.

1. He "should" be in every colour zone once a day. People with Deluxe membership should also find him in the gold zone once a day. At times Doug may be in more than one zone at the same time.

2. Currently you can trade gems to Doug once per day per pet. If you choose to use multiple pets, be aware that you will use up your gem stockpile very quickly for minor items.

3. Doug will not be in every room when he is in a colour zone. It appears he WILL be in the popular rooms like 70, 31, 22, 20 and 12. Basically, just try and find a room that's almost full. You'll probably find him there!

The best tip I can offer in regards to Doug is to remember which pet you use to visit him and use the same pet each day. This will ensure a new and better prize each day (providing you have the gem(s) he is asking for.

the 2nd tip I recomment is to KEEP EVERY GEM YOU COLLECT IN GEM HUNT! Unless you are really short on cash, the Doug prizes are worth a lot more to trade than the price Arte offers you.

NOTE: Currently Doug is only asking for common gems. He may ask for 2. If you do not have the correct gem(s) for 2 days in a row, the following day (providing you have the correct gem(s) on the third day, you may be awarded a kinz cash prize instead of a regular prize.

Please remember, there are many people wanting to trade with Doug at any given time. Please be courteous to others and get your pet in and out of a room as quickly as possible to give others a chance. There is nothing more annoying than finding all the rooms full and trying over and over to find a room with Doug.
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Doug related information and tips
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